Learn to Fix QuickBooks Server Busy Error

QuickBooks Server Busy Error is one other type of QuickBooks Error. This error mostly occurs while updating QuickBooks. Although QuickBooks is basically an accounting software which is not only helpful in business but also faces different issues most of the time. So as to resolve such errors refer to, QuickBooks Help.

Using QuickBooks you may face much technical error, one such is QuickBooks Server Busy Error, that mostly occurs when you are working on QuickBooks Desktop. At times these errors are results of virus attacks. But this also occurs due to the conflict between QuickBooks Update manager and some other application.

Causes of QuickBooks Server Busy Error:

  • When another program working with QuickBooks is waiting for your response.
  • When windows are updating in the background.
  • When some security features such as a firewall are blocking QuickBooks Desktop updates.
  • When multiple systems are set up to host one QuickBooks Company File.
  • While using QuickBooks and its component last time was not fully closed.
  • When your network doesn’t have enough resources to run on QuickBooks Desktop.
  • When QuickBooks update manager conflicts with other applications.

Fixing QuickBooks Server Busy Error

Here we will provide you with the simplest ways to fix such QuickBooks server busy error. But before moving to the solution again recheck your QuickBooks by network resources and restart your program. If the error still pops up, move on towards the solution:

Solution 1: Close each and every program.

  • If you have to keep a program open then make sure no dialog box appears in the program.
  • As some of these programs are the reason for this error, such as Norton, Google Desktop, Vista security etc.
  • If you’re using selective startup, stop Intuit FCS.
  • Webroot spy sweeper can cause you this error. To resolve this error use it in gamer mode or disable the software.

Solution 2: Check Windows Update

In the Windows, taskbar menu check if windows are installing updates or not. If an update is happening or it needs to be installed first finish it then restart your computer system as guided by the windows.

If no update is happening, then proceed with another solution.

Solution 3: Check and close all QuickBooks Components

  • First Close the data file and exit from QuickBooks Desktop.
  • On Windows taskbar make a right click and select ‘Task Manager’.
  • Select ‘Process Tab’.
  • Close all those processes which are listed below:
axlbridge.exe qbdagent.exe qbpsevnt12r.exe mrtmngr.exe
qbpsevnt17r.exe qbpsevnt11r.exe QBW32.exe qbpsevnt16r.exe
qbpsevnt10r.exe QBHelp.exe qbpsevnt15r.exe qbpsevnt09r.exe
qbdagent2001.exe qbpsevnt14r.exe qbpsevnt08r.exe qbdagent2002.exe
qbpsevnt13r.exe support.exe qbupdate.exe

Now again start your QuickBooks Desktop and open the data file.

Solution 4: Remove QuickBooks update agent

  • Click on the Windows start menu and select All Program > Startup.
  • Right-click on QuickBooks Update agent and select ‘delete’ option. Also, delete its shortcut.
  • Turn off all the shared updates in QuickBooks Desktop:
    • Go to Help menu and select ‘Update QuickBooks’.
    • Click on the options window.
    • Go for share Download option and then select ‘No’ and close.

If Intuit ProSeries is installed

  • Check Windows Task Manager for QbpsevntXXr.exe. Note the time of an executable in a document name.
  • Open Explorer Browser.
  • Discover the and open Intuit ProSeries folder for that year. It is normally in >> C: \ ProWinXX.
  • Open 32-bit folder.
  • Find qbpsevntXXr.exe, right-click and select Rename.
  • Include “.old” as far as possible of the renamed record.
  • Close Windows Explorer.

Solution 5: Reboot and repair QuickBooks

  • First, reboot the file
  • Then repair the QuickBooks. The installation wizard runs the repair, therefore don’t be fooled by other references.
  1. First, restart the computer system to close all the unwanted programs conflicting QuickBooks.
  2. Back up Company File.

Here are some easiest methods to resolve your QuickBooks Server Busy Error. These ways are recommended by our experts in consideration to the frequently asked questions related to errors. If you still didn’t manage to cope up with the QuickBooks Server Busy Error, refer to Quickbooks Help +1 844-442-0333.

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